Step 1: Optimize the Lumber
To optimize the layout for each project special computer programs are used. This provides the maximum output of material and brings down the  purchase price of your furniture.

Step 2: Cut the Parts
The individual parts specific to the project are cut from the wood with a panel saw. Each part is labeled with due care.

Step 3: Machine the Parts
Each part is properly machined by us. Different parts require different machine processes such as dado, rabbet, line bore, etc. We make use of only the highest standard for machining your furniture.
Step 4: Perform Flat-line Sanding
Before the parts are assembled, the interior surfaces of the furniture are sanded.

Step 5: Assemble
All components of the furniture are assembled. Also, the face frame and mouldings are applied.     

Step 6: Perform Finish Sanding
The final finish sanding of the furniture occurs. Other components such as shelves and doors must also be finish sanded.

Step 7: Check Furniture and Components.
As part of quality checking, the integrity of the furniture is verified and the finish sanding is also inspected carefully.

Step 8: Apply the Finish
The finishing process begins, unless someone has requested an unfinished piece of furniture. The furniture and its components are hand-stained and three coats of clear catalyzed lacquer topcoat are applied.

Step 9: Perform the Final Assembly
Other accessories including doors, drawers, pullouts, hardware etc. are installed. Before delivering to the customer we fully assemble the piece of furniture at the manufacturing facility.

Step 10: Rub out the Finished Piece of Furniture
The finish is rubbed out to bring the piece to its final “showcase” condition.

Step 11: Wrap and Deliver the Furniture
The furniture is carefully wrapped in preparation for delivery.